About 21M Marketing

Welcome to 21M Marketing, where creativity meets collaboration! Founded by two sisters, Maya and Leah, the brand was born from a shared childhood filled with art, design, and a deep-seated passion for creativity.

Growing up, their home was a hub of artistic expression, nurturing their love for painting, crafting, and conceptualizing new ideas. It was this upbringing that laid the foundation for their future collaboration.

Realizing the power of their combined talents, the sisters established 21M Marketing, a proudly women-owned business. Today, they work harmoniously to curate a collection of unique and innovative promotional items that embody their love for design and quality craftsmanship.

At 21M, the philosophy is simple: every promotional item should tell a story and leave a lasting impression. The sisters are dedicated to sourcing products that are not only visually striking but also practical and memorable. Whether you're in search of the perfect giveaway for a trade show or a thoughtful gift for clients or employees, 21M has you covered.

Join Maya, Leah, and the 21M team, on their creative journey and discover a world of promotional items that reflect your unique style and message. 

"Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary: Your Partner from Idea to Impact, Always Just a Click Away"

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